What is the UNtraining?

The UNtraining is a provocative and compassionate approach to help people discover how to work together in extraordinary ways to end our collusion with racism and all forms of oppression. The UNtraining provides insights and tools for all levels of experience and activism to white people and people of color. Robert & Rita

The UNtraining groups for people of color and white people share a common foundational curriculum based on the teachings of Rita Shimmin and developed by Rita Shimmin and Robert Horton:

  • Multi-dimensional Consciousness - Developing the capacity and ability to hold more than one reality simultaneously
  • Oppression 101 - Basic concepts of oppression
  • Core Issue - Exploring the survival patterns which control our world view, and which determine how we relate to ourselves, other individuals and groups; and whether or not we have power and confidence to impact our world.
  • Basic Goodness – Accessing the quality of belonging and love that is our basic self and being able to choose this spacious self to hold our conditioned sense of shame and fear. Basic goodness is the doorway to mutli-dimensional consciousness.
  • Tracking - Techniques for applying awareness to our social conditioning and core issue.
  • Working with Intensity – Accessing our entire range of feelings and expression with awareness and with an honoring of our specific cultural intensity caps.
  • Inner World Work – Working within ourselves to increase awareness and acceptance of our own internal conflicts and gaining facilitative expertise with these conflicts so we do not project them onto others.
  • Advanced Facilitator Training – Ongoing training for UNtraining Teachers

Multi-dimensional Facilitation 
The UNtraining is essentially a facilitator training that offers a path of practices and activities that increase awareness of self, relational interactions, and field phenomena. From the foundational curriculum, each group diverges on their own path to discover the deep conditioning of their specific group and how it overlaps and intersects with the conditioning they receive from the dominant culture, which in the United States supports the notion of white supremacy. It is our intention to train facilitators who will then offer groups in their own communities using the insights and tools of the UNtraining.


UNtraining groups generally engage in the following path:

Two facilitators - Facilitators are trained UNtraining teachers, trained UNtraining teaching assistants, and teachers invited from other disciplines.
Minimum number of participants in a group is 6.
Six-month commitment to work together.

Progressive cycles of training are available.
Six monthly meetings constitute a cycle of training. The meetings are 3-5 hours duration, totaling 18 to 30 hours of training per cycle. Participants must start with the first phase. Groups
are heavily experiential, with didactic, contextual material also delivered. The UNtraining also produces invitation-only events and an introductory public workshop.

The UNtraining currently offers the following tracks:

  • UNtraining White Liberal Racism - currently offering 3 phases
  • Chinese UNtraining - currently offering 2 phases
  • POC UNtraining  beginning 2013– a blend of different ethnicities and races
  • Advanced Facilitator Training