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NEW Bay Area UNtraining White Liberal Racism
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The new UNtraining:
Untraining White Liberal Racism and Internalized Racism

The UNtraining is a provocative and compassionate approach to help people discover how to work together in extraordinary ways to end our collusion with racism and other social injustices. The UNtraining provides insights and tools for all levels of experience and activism to white people and people of color.


“Loving yourself is a political act.
We are taught not to love ourselves, and from that place we are easily manipulated.”

—Rita Shimmin, UNtraining co-founder



white maskUNtraining White Liberal Racism
Exploring what it means to be white, bringing awareness to white conditioning and privilege

This program provides a challenging and compassionate environment for white people to look at personal and collective issues around race. We offer tools and practices to investigate our white cultural conditioning, to uncover the ways it shapes our experience of ourselves and people of color, and to support change in ourselves and in the world.

As children, we do not choose to take on our white conditioning, but as adults we can choose to undo it.

Phase One of the ongoing program offers the basic tools and concepts of the UNtraining, including how to move beyond the dichotomy of seeing ourselves or other white people as either “good white people” or “bad racists.”

New Phase 1 Group Starting March 2014:
San Francisco East Bay APPLY NOW! Deadline Mar 3
Quad Cities Phase 1 starting Fall 2014


Chinese Group
Exploring the interface between Chinese cultural conditioning and the dominant white culture

Chinese UNtraining participants have been engaged in intense work around internalized oppression for the past 4 years. Together we continue to explore how this work can bring further healing and liberation for ourselves and others.

Internalized oppression affects our ability to love ourselves, to be advocates for ourselves and for our communities. This is an opportunity to identify how we internalize messages from the dominant white culture to be our own, and to explore the effects of internalized racism in a group setting with others who identify as people of Chinese descent.

The Chinese group shares common foundational curriculum with all UNtraining groups while building our own path to discover how Chinese culture intersects with the conditioning from the dominant culture.

Next Phase 1 for people of Chinese descent will start in Fall 2014.



isokePeople of Color Group
Exploring how internalized racism develops at the intersection of your own cultural training and the dominant white culture

The People of Color group introduces the basic tools and concepts of the UNtraining. These tools can help you:

Be more aware of the intersection of white training and your own cultural training and how this intersection impacts your view of your self, your relationships with others, and your work in the world
Communicate authentically and compassionately with others about issues of racism, white privilege and internalized racism
Move beyond the dichotomy of seeing white people as either “good white people” or “bad racists”; or people of color as “good representatives of your race” or “bad representatives of your race” by learning to hold your white social conditioning and your cultural conditioning in the context of basic human goodness
Recognize how your personal stories can be used by the training to “hook” you and render you ineffective in interrupting racism – and more!

Expanding group for People of Color Jan 2014 San Francisco East Bay GROUP FULL



The UNtraining in the Media

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Participants comment about the UNtraining

“What is unique and inspiring about the UNtraining is that we work from the inside out. We look at what's going on inside of us and how that translates into our actions."

“The support and compassion that existed in the group, as modeled by the facilitators was amazing and freeing. I got an opportunity to begin a deeper journey into my relationship to white privilege and racism."

"I learned to be more real and to experience and manage many different feelings and reactions simultaneously. I am much more able to stand in your shoes, whoever you are, because I learned to stand in my own."

"I now know how much my freedom and the freedom of people of color are inextricably intertwined."

"...essential personal work that has enabled me to facilitate conversations around racism and stereotyping with my students."

"The UNtraining is nonjudgmental and non-shaming. It is safe and powerful."

"This feels like important and essential work for European Americans if we are to move beyond the insidious effects of racism."

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