Two New UNtraining White Liberal Racism Groups - Fall 2023

  • 08 Oct 2023
  • Online and In Person in SF East Bay Area

“Loving yourself is a political act. We are taught not to love ourselves and from that place we are easily manipulated… Love yourself so much that this love changes the world.”  -Rita Shimmin, UNtraining co-founder

UNtraining White Liberal Racism groups offer a compassionate and challenging program for white people to explore how growing up white has affected us and our relationships with others. Whatever level of experience and activism we may have, the invisible “white training” can get in the way of our ability to be present and disrupt racism at whatever level we encounter it.

Phase 1 introduces foundational tools and concepts of the UNtraining and -- most importantly -- fosters intimate and sustaining practices that make ongoing change possible.


  • Be more aware of the ways the white training impacts your view of yourself, your relationships with others, and your work in the world
  • Communicate authentically and compassionately with others about issues of racism in your own life
  • Move beyond the dichotomy of seeing yourself or other white people as either “good white people” or “bad racists” by learning to hold your white social conditioning in the context of your basic goodness as a human
  • Recognize how personal stories allow the training to “hook” you and other white people and render us ineffective in disrupting racism – and more!

You can also email us: or call 510-235-3957.

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